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Click and Relax is a free service for creating a pleasant soundscape wherever you are. Simply put, it reproduces various nature sounds (and not only), for example, rain sounds, thunder sounds, ocean sounds, forest sounds, etc. In addition, Click and Relax pleases not only the ear, but also the eye, because along with various sounds there are corresponding scenes consisting of photographs or videos. There are themes for every taste: the noise of a surf, gulls, forest sounds, crackling fire, the rustling of grass, sunset, the sound of rain, the singing of birds, falling snow, babbling brook, and many others.

There are other additional features, such as a generator of various noises (“white noise”, “pink noise” and “Brownian noise”) to help block out other disturbing sounds and aid with concentration.

Click and Relax is capable of running on almost any device and software platform. There is an online version (this website), applications for the Windows and Android operating systems, as well as extensions (add-ons) for the Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers.

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