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Click and Relax helps to relax, distracts from the busy city rhythm, improves mood, protects against disturbing noises, relieves stress, creates a pleasant ambience, helps to sleep and just gives the opportunity to once again enjoy the beauty of nature. There are themes for every taste: the noise of the surf, gulls, forest sounds, crackling fire, the rustling of the grass, sunset, the sound of rain, the singing of birds, falling snow, babbling brook, and many others. Includes photos, audio and video content. Just click and relax.

The Click and Relax service, besides the main web application, includes applications for the Windows, Android and Google Chrome platforms. The web version is the main component of the service and provides maximum features and themes, including, unlike other applications, themes with video. Therefore, we recommend using it.

Web App

Windows App

Android App

Noise Generator

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Click and Relax uses some assets available under open licenses. We express our gratitude to their authors. The entire list of used assets is on this page.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail at

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